How it Works

What is

KiTin is a lifestyle platform what can keep the people on the island up to date with all the activities on Aruba.

KiTin makes it easy for you to find out and to search what kind activities are going on. With this platform you will never miss your favorite activities again. can be used as a website and application (iOS/ Android).

To start exploring on KiTin, you don’t need to register, but if you want to use KiTin features and receive notifications or follow, save and like any activity or business, you need to sign up first. You can sign up with your Facebook account or email.

Using these features can make it easier for you to know what is happening on the island.

To use the app, you need to download it through Apple store or Google Play and register with email or Facebook.

By signing up, you will get your user page with the following tabs (upper right corner on the website, and left corner menu in the app) where you can edit and personalized your KiTin.

  • Dashboard
  • Profile
  • Notification (received notifications)
  • Follow Business (all businesses that you follow)
  • Saved (all your saved advertisements)
  • Follow Category
  • Log Out


Save/ Reminder: Only a consumer who has registered can save a post. By saving a post, you get a reminder (notification) two hours prior to the start of the activity.

Like: Like an advertisement and it will be easy to find this advertisement back in MY FAVORITE. My Favorite can be found on the dashboard (website) or in the footer tabs in the app. You can like a post by clicking on the heart icon.

Follow Business: You can follow a favorite business so when they put a post you can get a notification. Only when a client boosts their post you will receive a notification.

See Advertiser: On this page, a user can see all the information about a business.

Map: The map icon in the page “see advertiser” will give you the real-time navigation route from your location to that business.

Reviews: Users can review a post, review a business and also read other reviews.

Search: With this feature, users can type any keywords and KiTin will help them find what they are looking for .

Search Bar and Filter: On every category page, you have a search bar that is working the same as the one on the homepage and a filter box that can help you search for a specific location, cuisine, subcategories and for latest posts.

Service:Here a user can choose one of the categories to be redirected to that page. All the categories have been given their unique color: Event (green), Nights Out (blue), F&B (orange), Deals (Red).

(Recent) Happenings: In this section, you will find the start date of the most recent activities arranged by time and date. It will show the upcoming activities from one day till the next (32 hours). Recent happenings will show six boxes (posts), but there will be a Show More button which will redirect you to another page so you can see all the posts.

Calendar: In the calendar, you can see all the start dates of all the activities that have been posted on KiTin. You can see what is up next week, next month, etc. You can click on the date where you can see a badge with a highlighted number, and this will bring you to a page with all the activities on that date.

Newsfeed : In the newsfeed, you can see what other users have liked, saved or followed. You can click on the title and this will redirect you to that page.

Activity board: This will show the last 10 uploaded advertisement on KiTin

Map : Here you will see the map of Aruba and all the advertisements with the logo and the category color.

Around Me : Around me is a location-based service that can give you all the activities close to your location within a range of two miles.

Follow Category: On this page, you can follow (sub)categories you are interested in getting notifications from.

Personalized Notification: This is the same feature as the Follow category on website. On this page, you can follow (sub) categories you are interested in getting notifications from.

Stay in the Loop: Users can subscribe to receive emails when we have new updates for KiTin platforms.