About Us


  • KiTin is a lifestyle platform what can keep the people on the island up to date with all the activities on Aruba.
  • KiTin pronounced ‘key-teen” means what’s on, what is happening. You can use it for greeting a person or to ask someone what is on.
  • KiTin.com it’s a digital advertisement platform where promoters, merchants and retailers can advertise and promote their services, activity’s, products and business.
  • KiTin makes it easy for you to find out and to search what kind activities are going on. With this platform you will never miss your favorite activities again.
  • KiTin services will focus on different kind of activities for a different kind of group. With the 4 categories KiTin will cover activities, like: Restaurant(food) specials, sales, events, happy hours, promotions, live entertainments, seminars, opening and many more
  • By downloading the app or register on web YOU can personalized your KiTIn and so get notification from your favorite business and categories.
  • Follow, like and save any activity ,category or business and be the first to know what is “On”.
  • You can check the reviews of any business and or advertisement and so make the best decision to go somewhere or to purchase something
  • Search in any categories or see what other people or liking /follow/ or saving (newsfeed) so you will never missed out other interested activity also.
  • So if where to go is your question, KiTin.com will be your answer.