Plan Detail

Long Term

This plan is for businesses whom have a continuous/daily service for its clients. If you have a daily promotion/special, then this plan will be the one for you.

Rules and info Long-Term Membership plan

With this plan, you will pay a monthly fee for a plan which as a duration of 1 month. Clients are able to post 2 advertisements at the time and can add/edit/change advertising (posting) 24/7. Monthly fee is $150 for 3 weeks.

This plan includes 3 free GMC. These GMC cannot be accumulated. If they have not been used by the time your plan expires, even if you have purchased them yourself, you will loose them.

GET MORE CUSTOMER is a service/feature will its clients when they want to post an advertisement and reach more people(pay extra to reach a larger audience for your post). By using this feature, only users who are following your business or the (sub)categories will receive a notification. A client can purchase more GMC if they want, this will cost $25 each.

For more information check our Terms and conditions.